Fit Over 40



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I couldn’t be more delighted to present a series that features men who are over 40 years old and in their prime.

There is so much focus on the beauty of youth that the beauty of older men is often overlooked. In fact, I was a bit nervous when I first started posting these models on Instagram, Twitter and OnlyFans. But, the response was uniformly positive and many of the models have become some of my most popular.

What is the appeal of older men? There is certainly the “Daddy” element—someone in command, someone to take care of you. But there is also a physical element—older men who continue to exercise often have less “baby fat” so that their muscles and vascularity have greater definition. Their body hair is fully grown in and less aggressively groomed than younger guys and this helps create a more sexualized appearance. And in their faces, so much beauty in seeing the wisdom in their eyes and expressions.

Note : The modesty blurs do not appear in any purchased artwork.