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This collection includes men who are either Friends, Lovers or Intimate Strangers. In all instances, they wanted to explore levels of intimacy during the course of a photo shoot.

I never imagined I’d be shooting guys who are friends and unafraid to explore a physically intimate element of their relationship. I was truly surprised at how natural and beautiful those shoots were. I remember telling my husband that I wished I felt free enough to do that kind of shoot with a friend I really cared about. Perhaps someday.

Perhaps my favorite shoots are ones that include lovers. The expressions of love are real and, when I’m lucky, sometimes lyrical. These shoots will typically engender a serotonin type of effect while they unfold—you feel uplifted and elevated.

But photographing Intimate Strangers is probably the most exciting as I’m never quite sure how the shoot will go or whether there will be any chemistry. There is always some level of sexual tension and how it gets resolved is a compelling journey I always enjoy photographing.

Note : The modesty blurs do not appear in any purchased artwork.