September 4, 2022From my Intimate Strangers series, Ben and Dakota in Puerto Vallarta. As I was preparing this piece for posting, I noticed for the first time that Dakota's middle…

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September 3, 2022Reach Out and Touch.At home with Conor and Justin during their nude workout shoot.#MaleNudesAndUs? @benjiboyyogaboy

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September 2, 2022At the end of their home workout, things started to hear up.Shot on location at Conor’s apartment, nyc.#MaleNudesAndUs? @benjiboyyogaboy

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August 28, 2022I got lucky with this candid shot of Brooks. He was watching my assistant fidget with a lighting adjustment and he seemed to have this preternatural calm about…

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August 28, 2022 Very happy to be presenting my friend Benjamin, a handsome Russian athlete who has just moved to the US. From Russia with lots of love. From my…

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August 25, 2022Nude Press-UpsWhy go to the gym? At home with Sky and Josh#DaddysBoy #MaleNudesAndUs? @benjiboyyogaboy

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August 24, 2022Connor and Justin reviewing a video of the two-person, bodyweight exercises they would be executing during the shoot. Fortunately, Conor, who is a personal trainer, was familiar with…

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August 23, 2022Cole gets aroused during his skinny dipOn location in Miami for MALE NUDES AND US#goosebumps

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August 22, 2022Sophie keeps an eye on Alfie’s Morning StretchesOn location in Marina Del Rey for MALE NUDES AND US

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August 21, 2022Dan, No. 2. After I posted Dan's "Wardrobe Malfunction" below, I got several requests for more pics of Dan. This is from the Nude Muscle Workout series. More…

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August 20, 2022Lacing up his Undies in Midtown. With Dr. TomFrom my Digital Collection  FIT OVER 40#daddydeluxe August Discount Code QQWKS4TQ

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